Split Screen Tutorial For Windows 7/8.1 / 10 Laptop PC ?

Split screen in Windows

Windows OS versions have been one of best User friendly operating system these days. I can say its graphical mode operations¬† made most of the Indians includes students, professionals, business experts addict to it, use the OS in the most part of life. Microsoft coming most updates to make it maximum support human life to […]

Old Google Maps : Alternatives To Classic Google Maps

Google map alternatives

Google has recently replaced old classic Google map with new Google map and its lite mode on 29 April 2015. There are many people who really don’t like the new version of Google maps because of the few glitches like lazy loading, difficulties in exploring map features and slow rendering of graphics. If you are […]

How To View Private Facebook Photos Without Being Friend


View Private Facebook Photos : Facebook is one of the best and secure social media platform. Facebook is very strict when it comes to any security breach in its system. Facebook buddies are continuously working to regularly enhance the protection and services that are being provided to their users. Still there are very few possible […]

Top 5 Best Waterproof Phones And Dust Proof Smartphones 2015

Waterproof smartphones

Best waterproof phones 2015: If you already own a smartphone then you must be knowing how difficult is to keep phone away from dust and water. Smartphones are good to have but they are not meant for rough usage. If you are into swimming or sports then waterproof phones are supposed to be made for […]